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D&D Campaign(s)

Garden of Lataria

Modern day is represented by an Age of Discovery under the careful eye of a ruling aristocracy. Technology still a closely guarded secret which limits general progress of the private citizen. Guilds closely protect any knowledge they have, and are taxed heavily. Outside of the cities, small towns would compare to dark age hamlets with thatch roofs and have no spoils. Conversely, some of the cities are clockwork mechanical marvels, including steam and wind engines creating rudimentary lighting from "lightning on a wire", steam air zeppelins, locomotives, etc.

The government's hold of power is oppressive and near ominpotent. It exalts nation and race above the individual and stands for severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. 95% of all power and value is held by the elitist nobility. These noble houses run the guilds, the workforces, the mines, the trains, the knowledge, etc. Nobody gets away with making a penny unless a house sponsors them and they take their massive cut. Space is at a premium, but cities provide protection from the elements and wild creatures.

Current campaign consists of the following characters w/ levels ~12:

  • Agonis - Half-Elf Rogue (SuperJedi)
  • Gabrielle - Doppleganger Mystic (Lunaga)
  • Emie - Halfling Wizard (Latia)
  • Knutt - Human Blood Hunter - Order of Lycan (Pringle)
  • Greg - Greyling Gadgeteer Blood Hunter - Order of Mutant (Rudger)
  • Isang - High Elf Hunter Ranger (Huma)
  • Levi - Human Elemental Shaman (Sparhawk)
  • Rolf - Half-Elf Warlock Vengeangce Paladin (Whiskey)